Castle Loket Story -

Castle Loket Story

Lectures from Loket and nearby surroundings

About the fossil wedding procession. Nearby Svetašské skály are located near Loket. Their appearance resembles some shapes of fossilized weddens and also named individual rock blocks. The reputation relates to the time when the Vohburgs ruled in the region. One poor peasant went to robot on the elbow castle and on the site of the current church building in Horní Slavkov he discovered between two stones crying newborn. He spilled over him and took it to the castle's lady, saying that when he entered the castle he would have to bring a gift and he would hand over the child he found. He added to accept the boy with love and care for him. The castle lady took over and gave him the name Jan Svatoš. He grew up in a nice jinoch. He was interested in science and knight tournaments, he also liked to walk around the surrounding forests. Once he was on the banks of the River Ohre and a very beautiful fairy appeared before him. She said to him, Dear, I know your heart, you long for the world of spells. I will teach you everything you desire - but only on the condition that you will never be offered another woman! Without hesitation, she received her offer and, thanks to a fairy, she could plunge into the secret of many teachings.

For several years he had been around the world and fell in love with a nice girl. The promise began to weigh him, but he hoped he would break the power of supernatural powers through his knowledge and experience in magic and magic. It was a wedding. The girl's father wanted an open-air wedding, on a meadow on the banks of the River Ohre. On the wedding day they were about to tell their loved ones their yes, when the waves of Ohre broke and the fairy came out. It was enough to waving a magic bead and a curse from the wedding procession to become stones. Today you can watch the rocks named Monk, Ministers, Bride, Groom, Witnesses, Musicians, Father of Groom, Mother and Chateau. Cursed Castle Administrator (Burgrave)

At the time of the Hussite wars, the bourgeois Puta Illburg, who defended the Hussite attack, was famous for the castle. Unfortunately, he acted cruelly and heavily enforced charges of royalty. He let himself execute his subjects and tied them to his feet and immersed them in the spring water. The dead bodies covered with a springstone stumbled upon the castle gate for warning. At that time a potter lived with a woman and five children. The woman was told she was a witch. Once in their cottage, a purkmist appeared and wanted to buy a new wine jug. He liked a painted jug on a chest and wanted to have it. But the potter was reluctant to sell him. The resistance was punished and the bourgeois let the potter go to the famed castle. The next day the execution was to take place. In the morning, the potter's wife appeared and begged for grace for her husband, but she was banished. At that moment, he cursed him with the words, If your heart is of stone, let it be a stone. Suddenly the sky was blackened, it hummed, a fire blew from the sky and struck the tower. Purkrabi no longer saw, just a hole below the tower, and a red smoke rising from it. As soon as he cooled, they pulled him out and lying in the courtyard. Since then, it has been called the Angry Bourgeois, and in fact it was a meteorite fallen.

Another version of the legend tells the woman who cursed him was an elderly and ill woman with a small child and without a husband. Her husband died due to some illness and her only debts remained. She had no ducats and no roof above her head. She was afraid of jail, and she took the courage and went to ask for forgiveness at the bourgeoisie. She told him of her situation but had no mercy and said that if she did not pay she would be imprisoned and enslaved. Suddenly it was dark and the women came out with a bloody cry with a curse. People thought the end of the world had come. The dust fell and the sky was hot. Everything went, but the place of the bourgeois was a stone here. One by one they called out: Puta Illburg was rocked in stone! Their horror was soon passed, for they were relieved of suffering. The stone said none of the men could lift up even with the greatest effort. They have decided that this will only be done to a person with a pure soul and unpunished power, wealth and glory. At that time the Swedes came here, and the stone was said to have ended in a deep castle well. It was pulled out in 1670. The story of a good man was forgotten.

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