about us

Societas Geographica

Societas Geographica is a civic association engaged in the promotion of non-commercial and alternative tourism. The Association was established in 2013 and is duly registered in the Czech Republic. The association also holds all necessary permits for economic activity issued by the authorities of the Czech Republic.
The president of the association is Mr. Tomáš Sobota, bussinesman, sports diver and publicist. Organizing several successful expeditions to Central and West Africa,tropical Asia polar regions of Finland and Norway and mountain areas of the Balkan peninsula. He visited over 90 countries. He is engaged in travel and adventure activities more than 35 years.

What we can

offer to you???

We offer for our customers non comercial and expedition turism…… What is difference between commercial and non comercial turism??? Commercial turism offer you mostly travel in big groups with minimum privacy,hurry program ,without time for relax and really deeply knowing of country which you visit. If you do not like crowds of tourists, sightseeing tours and attractions, a guide that will keep you from one place to another, minimal privacy, crush of attractions, exaggerated tourist restaurants and souvenir shops, try alternative and non-commercial tourism !!!

What our offer is:

- turistic group counts a maximum of 12 people plus a guide !!
- we visit not only a well-known and aspolar monument, but mainly less screaming places where it is really possible to get to know the beauty of the country, its people and culture plus gastronomy.
- Inter continental transport is of course aviation, but local transport is realized with respect to the maximum comfort of our clients. We prefer to prefer trains in front of buses or minibuses. The trains offer more comfortable traveling with food, mostly with connection to WIFI ... In most European countries the railways are driven by an interesting landscape, through the city centers and pass through the National Parks. The trails are not really dizzyingly fast so the tourist really enjoys the countryside around. There are clean toilets, can be consumed brought or pre-baked food and drink.